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Welcome to Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen

Taste of Nepal, India and Halal food one and only in Lake Tahoe

Namaste, Welcome to Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen for a truly Lunch and Dining experience with our diverse menu of as unique Himalayan Nepalese and Indian, Halal food eatery in heart of South Lake Tahoe.
We serve healthy and Fresh Himalayan Nepalese and Indian, Halal food that is prepare daily using top quality organic ingredients from mountains, that makes authentic Nepalese taste and Great northern Indian dishes with perfect flavours. Family environment enjoy a traditional (Thali) Lunch special like Dal Bhat, Tarkari with rice, vegetables, aachar, kheer and lentil dal. We prepare affordable and nutritious food. We have varieties choice of vegetarian and vegan lovers. Chicken Tikka Masala, MoMo are favourite dishes out customers love. We value all our customers with beautiful flavours. We want to welcome all food lovers for great support.

Our Delicious Specialties

Shangrila Himalayan Kitchen offers a specialty Indian/Nepalease cuisine, with a great selection of traditional Nepalease, Indian and Halal dishes in an upscale atmosphere.


All dishes are sparked by our homemade signature blend of spices, marinated then slow-cooked to perfection.

Shangrila Noodle Soup

Shangrila MO:MO

Vegetable Dishes

Chicken Dishes

Lamb Dishes

Sea Food Dishes

Rice & Shangrila Biryani(Biryani comes with side of Raita)

Shangrila Special Tandoori Dishes (Baked on Clay Oven)

Fresh Baked Tandoori Naan

We offer an extensive array of tempting special meals for those with health or religious dietary requirements. We also provide special meals for infants and small children. Please feel free to tell us your dietary needs!

+1 (530) 600-3177